Dear Surgeons/ Practice Managers,


It is hard to believe that we are already now into October of this year and getting the time to talk generally between surgery and laboratory is getting more and more difficult with our busy everyday schedules, so I thought I would just keep you updated with what’s new and upcoming for the lab.


First of all the main major change is that we’ve relocated to new premises, of which the address is above. It’s only a couple of minutes from the previous location and still based in Redhill, Surrey.


With surgeries now more than ever under pressure to meet patient expectations and an overall demand for a higher level of service I am hoping to meet those expectations from within this new lab in order to fulfil both your surgery and your patients requirements, providing a higher level of service to you and a more professional environment for your patients when needed.


The lab has been designed and better equipped to cater not only for your everyday needs for cases right now but for new techniques, systems and products coming out in the future and whilst keeping customer focus in mind, offering a relaxed consultation area to discuss their case and a large window allowing in plenty of natural daylight important for shade taking if required. There is also a Disabled Parking Bay right outside for those patients that may require it which is also used for ease of parking in general.


With the running of the lab as you are aware I am always on the look out for ways to improve our products and service to you. With this in mind I have decided to change our ceramic System to the new improved Vita Master System. Vita being the original creators of porcelain and obviously with the original Vita Shade guides being at your fingertips I want to try and re-create the shades that you are seeing as close as possible whether to natural dentition or surrounding restorations I feel this can be highly achieved with this product.


Also with Digital photography now being readily available with the use of smart phones and ipads etc there is now no need to buy an expensive dental digital camera anymore. I personally now take all anterior teeth photos on my iphone. The clarity and detail you can achieve is excellent and within a couple of minutes you can take a photo and email it to the lab giving us a more detailed visual outlook of what you are seeing. This is quick and easy to do just email to: put the patients name in the subject field and just write a small note on the lab docket to say that you have sent a photo via email etc.


Lastly but not least with most of us having the convenience of internet banking I am happy to provide the labs bank details in order to take bacs payments instead of the usual monthly cheques hopefully making things a little easier for us all. If your surgery doesn’t do this already and its something you would consider useful please contact me for the labs account details or see the letter enclosed with your monthly statement making sure to put the surgery or surgeon down as your reference when making a payment.


I would finally like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom over the last 9 months and excellent impression taking which makes our lives easier within the lab to achieve the best results we can. I would also like to invite you and any members from your team down to the lab at your convenience to have a look and get a feel for the different products, processes, materials and discuss anything that may be of interest to you, your team or your surgery. Please call to arrange a day or evening and I will provide lunch for all.


I look forward to speaking to you soon…


Kind Regards.





October / November 2013

At M.L.S Dental Laboratory we value both the Dentists and Patient. We want to work with Dentists not just for them to reach the desired patient satisfaction.

Unfortunately Dental Technicians do not always have the opportunity of working directly with the patient, and therefore rely on the specification and details provided by the dentist. The more information given to the Dental Technician the more likely the result will meet or exceed the patients and dentists expectations.

However, many prescriptions lack important details such as the patient’s age, sex and personality. Length of anteriors, position of insisal edge, anterior guidance, long axis alignment and direction of the labial anatomy including lip line are all key details unique to each patient and necessary for the technician to achieve the best possible results. Pre-op photos are a very useful tool, and often necessary in complicated cases and with today's technology it’s even easier for clients to send images of patient cases to us. Many Dentists send us pictures quick and simply via our mobile phones, email or ‘Whatsapp’. These exceptionally sharp and vivid pictures are viewed and can easily consult the image during production of the restoration.

It is not only the prescription that needs to be a full and detailed as possible. It is crucial the impression itself is totally accurate. Many single unit restorations, and often bridges too, are presented as quadrant impressions. Although quadrant impressions may entail less cost in terms of impression material, they do not allow the Dental Technician to recreate the full function of the patients jaw. Under filled trays and lower grade impression materials are also major concerns for Dental Technicians.

Separate full arch impressions for both lower and upper jaws and wax squashes/foam bites are advisable for all restorations and absolutely vital for Implants, Bridges and cases with hard/tight bites.

For more information on Impressions taking please review the 3M Impression Guide Document.


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